Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Hookup Dating App That Makes Me Feel Safe

Communication is an inevitable demand for human beings. The contacts here include acquaintances and strangers. The essence of life is communication. Acquaintance socialization is only the most basic social behavior, but stranger socialization is a higher level of demand.

The need for strangers to socialize has always been strong. Stranger socialization has always been through human social behavior and is an important part. In the era of mobile Internet, this demand has been guided and released through network products and has become a rigid demand. An iiMedia Research survey shows that as many as 43.8% of users are alert and afraid to be deceived in virtual socialization because they feel that there are more false information and scammers in strangers' social interactions.

Comparing all the dating hookup apps of today, we find that very few dating apps do a good job of handling false information and scammers. Because these hookup dating apps can not screen all users one by one. Mandatory censorship measures often make it more difficult for users to enter the application. Fewer users, which is fatal for hookup dating apps. Therefore, most hookup dating apps take a laissez-faire attitude towards this matter. These include some well-known dating apps such as tinder, ashley madison, wooplus, and gap, etc. In comparison, CougarD is the best cougar dating hookup app currently made.

This may be due to the perseverance and determination of the CougarD team. They adopted a 24-hour manual review mechanism. Although this has greatly increased the operating costs of CougarD, it must be said that the 24-hour manual audit mechanism is currently the best way to protect the safety of normal users. According to the survey, the staff of CougarD will check the information of registered users and exclude some low-quality (violence, drugs, pornography, and young age) users. This will filter out 80% of low-quality users. At the same time, CougarD strongly supports users in photo authentication. You need to take actions consistent with the guided actions and take photos to upload photos. If you do not make a guiding action or the certified photo does not match the profile photo of your friend, your certification will not pass. At the same time, other users can view users who have passed photo authentication through the filter function. This guarantees to the greatest extent the authenticity of the users who chat with you or even about to date.

Of course, nothing can guarantee 100% perfection. If you are looking for a date or chatting, you encounter impolite or other party's violations. You can click "Report" and "Add to Blacklist" on the current page. This user will be subject to a mandatory review by CougarD staff in the next 24 hours. If his violation is true, the user will be deleted and marked. In this way, he can no longer use CougarD to affect the use of regular users.

It's hard to imagine, I found a sense of social security for strangers in a cougar dating hookup app. I think, in the current hookup dating apps, it is difficult to find a type of dating app that gives me such a sense of security. This is a very good social platform for some sensitive or insecure users.

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